DWP ‘defies Gregorian calendar’ to leave Universal Credit families short of rent

The DWP is supposed to be a Government department with a host of Civil Servants behind it, so why is it making so many mistakes and causing so many problems for those who it is supposed to be helping.

Did the civil servants, in this instantice not realise that there are 52.143 weeks in a year and not just 52 and by doing so the problems it would create.

Landlords require their rent, not just part of it.

Are these Civil Servants not competent?

This one problem is bad enough, but problems continue to be coming forth and it is not the DWP and its Civil Servants who pay the price but the benefit claimants who are relying on the DWP for income to live.

It is time for the DWP and its Civil Servants to come into the real world and not live in isolation.

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