EU U-Turn – Part ii

EU banks and fund managers faced being stopped from trading dual-listed companies in the UK capital, should Britain leave the bloc without a deal in place, under a rule from Europe’s markets watchdog to “significantly reduce the scope” of trading obligations. But the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has now announced a U-turn on the plans after “taking into account the concerns expressed by stakeholders”. ESMA said it had identified 6,243 companies that investors registered in the EU would have to trade on European exchanges in the event of Britain leaving in a hard Brexit scenario. Of this group, 14 dual-listed stocks – including Vodafone, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Coca-Cola European Partners – have their most active market in London.


Ian W
Well at least business has common sense even if the politicians in the chocolate factory haven’t. These people who control billions of taxpayers’ money from all over Europe are nothing short of amateurs who couldn’t run a bath with out asking a four-year-old where the taps are & to think that there are people in this country who want to be controlled by them.. It’s beyond unbelievable!

They don’t call it the EU Extortion Racket for nothing – run by & for globalist gangsters posing as ”progressive humanitarians” – ditto all the bent NGOs & Multicores with corrupt central banksters pulling the strings.

The ”Withdrawal Agreement” proposed by the EU is a Treaty & not a ”deal”. Yes we do need an agreement on our future relationship & a trade deal but we do not want a TREATY which binds us to the EU with no unilateral…

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