Trump: Corbyn and Khan are ‘negative forces, not positive forces’ | Euronews

  • Corbyn and Khan are “negative forces,” said Trump.
  • The Labour leader asked to meet Trump but the US president said he turned him down.
  • Trump said the NHS would be on the table during talks.
  • Intelligence sharing with the UK will continue despite Huawei, he said.
  • He added reports of protests against him were “fake news,” saying that he didn’t see any demonstrations.
  • The president said he thought Brexit “will happen and it probably should happen”.

US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May are holding a press conference outside Downing Street following talks on a post-Brexit deal between the two nations.

When asked his thoughts on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Trump said he did not think he was a “very good mayor” and labelled him a “negative force, not a positive force”.

On the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, who was set to attend protests in the British capital against the president’s visit, Trump said he didn’t know the Labour chief, but that he too was somewhat of a negative force.

He added that Corbyn wanted to meet him, but “I decided not to do that”.

The Labour party put out a statement following the comments with a spokesman saying: “Jeremy Corbyn proposed a meeting with Donald Trump during the president’s visit.

“Jeremy is ready to engage with the president on a range of issues, including the climate emergency, threats to peace and the refugee crisis.”

On the UK’s treasured National Health Service, Trump said that it could be opened up to US competition as part of trade negotiations after Brexit, as “when you’re dealing with trade everything is on the table”.

“I think we are going to have a great and very comprehensive trade deal,” he added.

May paid tribute during her speech to “a precious and profound friendship” between the US and UK, while Trump dubbed it “the greatest alliance the world has ever known”.

The British PM also addressed the issue of China, saying “we cannot ignore actions that threaten our shared interests and values”.

Trump praised the UK leader calling her “a tremendous professional who dearly loves her country,” saying it had been an honour to work with her.

You can watch the full news conference back in the above video player.

‘A substantial and fair deal’

At a business meeting on Tuesday before the conference, Trump said the US is ready to do a “very substantial and fair deal” with Britain after Brexit.

“I think we’ll have a very very substantial trade deal, it’ll be a very fair deal, and I think it’s something we both want to do,” Trump told May at the start of the meeting. “We’re going to get it done.”

May later said she was confident both parties were “committed to an ambitious trade deal” after “positive talks”.

Trump thanked the British prime minister and said he didn’t know her timing [of her departure] but that she should “stick around” to get the deal done.

“I don’t know exactly what your timing is, but stick around. Let’s do this deal,” said Trump.


Source: Trump: Corbyn and Khan are ‘negative forces, not positive forces’ | Euronews

One thought on “Trump: Corbyn and Khan are ‘negative forces, not positive forces’ | Euronews

  1. What a complicated set of circumstances and situations.

    Trump making comments when he has no understanding of what he is commenting on, well no that is situation as usual re Trump.

    Trump Calls Trump protests ‘Fake News’ because he has not seen any, how does he expect to see any when he is transported by Marine 1, unless the protesters also take to helicopters.

    Then we have Corbyn, who speaks his mind about Trump, then expects Trump to meet with him, where does Corbyn get his understandings from.

    Trump is promising the UK, by advising May, that he will give the UK a good trade deal, but good for who, America of course, for he wants our NHS. Trump does not understand he can advise May anything but she is finished and has no influence whatsoever.

    Is there anyone in all this who understands, hopefully the persons wishing to take over from May, but do not count on that.

    There will be solutions to all of this, but will they be the best solutions and if they are, best for who.

    Politics is always complicated, but is politics, now even more complicated?


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