OMG. Trump Actually Spoke Of Marrying Lady Diana and Being King Of England : PolitiZoom

The tabloid is the only “literature” that Donald Trump recognizes, because that’s how his mind works, in very small basic cartoonish ways. His entire worldview is no higher than celebrity culture, who’s hot, who’s not, who he might be able to sell something to, and how he can drop names and manipulate publicity. CNN did a review of their KFile and found that between 1981 and 1995 members of the royal famliy were ostensibly buying Trump properties (they were not) and that the source of the misinformation was none other than Trump himself. In September, 1992, a time when Trump was tanking financially, “a New York Post cover story cited as ‘rumor’ that it was ‘maybe started by the Trump Organization’ that Princess Diana was looking to build a $5 million property in Trump Tower.” Of course, Buckingham Palace flatly denied that any such negotiations were taking place. CNN:

That didn’t stop Trump. A year later, during an appearance on the Howard Stern Show in November 1993, Trump was asked if it was true that Princess Diana was looking at an apartment in Trump Tower.
“That’s true,” Trump said.
“Does that mean she’s contacted you?” asked Stern.
“I hope she’s looking at — She is really hot. She has gained 20-25 pounds, she looks great,” Trump said, saying he’d love to date the princess. “There could be a love interest. I’d become King of England. King of England. I’d have to leave, I’d have to lose the New York accent quickly. See they wouldn’t like my accent over there.”
But mostly, Trump said, he wanted Princess Diana to come to a party at Mar-a-Lago.
“We’re going to try to get Lady Di,” Trump said. “We’re trying to get Lady Di actually to come to the party. It’s a part of the deal for buying the apartment in Trump Tower. She can’t have the apartment in Trump Tower unless she comes to the party.”
A year later, in October 1994, another New York Post story, this time on the entire front page, claimed Princess Diana was set to buy a $3.5 million dollar apartment in Trump Tower. “Princess of New York,” the full-page cover read with a photo of Diana.
The Post reported that composer Andrew Lloyd Webber “was instrumental” in encouraging Lady Diana to buy at Trump Tower, which a spokesman for Webber categorically denies. “Andrew Lloyd Webber did not steer Princess Diana towards an apartment in Trump Tower, they were not well acquainted.” Webber’s name undoubtedly got dragged in simply because he was another famous Brit at the time.
Trump is as an adult, what he was undoubtedly as an adolescent: he wanted to be one of the cool kids, have all the hot girls in love with him, have all of the big men on campus for his buddies — and that’s exactly who he still is at 72. In his worldview, Putin and Kim are the BMOCs, and Trump believes, or would have you believe, that in the 80’s he was, “fucking every model in Europe. My life was wild.” Life is all some mad, celebrity whirl for him — and as long as he can get you to believe that being Donald Trump is a great, unbelievable thing, he has some identity. Somehow he got 63,000,000 to fall for his con, which I guess is a testament to the power of fantasy.


Source: OMG. Trump Actually Spoke Of Marrying Lady Diana and Being King Of England : PoitiZoom

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