Brussels FURIOUS Yet AGAIN: Switzerland turns screw on Commission – EU plots Brexit retaliation

The intransigence of the EU is unbelieveable for they will ‘shoot themseleves in the foot’ to gain what they want.

I believe they are scared that if they give one franction, then this leaves them open for others in the EU27 to demand concessions also.

Are they so unsure of the, so called, benefits of the EU, which they go at some good length to promote, for if it was so good why would anyone wish to change it.

This only proves that the EU is not good for all, only the stated few and even then that is not clear.

Evenually the EU will be doomed to fail in totality, causing chaos in its wake.

So I say come out now and then build for the inevitable.


Bern has been accused of “foot-dragging” by an increasingly confrontational Brussels after the Swiss Government asked the EU to “clarify” three areas of the deal. This request has been perceived by Brussels as a demand to reopen the draft treaty concluded in November 2018 – something the European Union has refused to do. And in what looks like a decisive step towards a confrontation with Switzerland, the European Commission ignored yesterday’s deadline to propose extending the equivalence regime that lets EU investors trade on Swiss bourses – effectively ending it as of July 1, an EU diplomat told Reuters.

This move is likely to prompt fury from Bern, which last year drew up contingency plans to block by decree trading of Swiss shares on EU-based exchanges.

A Government spokesman told Reuters: “Should the EU not extend Swiss exchanges’ access to the EU market Switzerland would activate the protective…

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