The claimants who challenged the DWP over losing their benefits – and won

The DWP atrocities and the stories behind them keep coming, why after all the changes with the new benefits ESA, PIP and now UC, do these atrocities keep occurring. Surely by now the DWP should have remedied all the problems they were having with the system.

So is the system still caising problems and if so why have they not been sorted.

Or is it that the DWP assessors and others at the DWP are not fully qualified to deal with the matters in hand.

People are individuals and not robots or inanimate objects, but the DWP appear to see that all people are the same, which they are not.

Any dealings with people should be ‘person-centred’ and not system centred, which appears to be the case with the DWP.

Unfortunately the DWP are not alone in this approach for we have problems with health at some GP surgeries and many, if not all Hospitals, certainly the vast number of local authorities and the health equivalents being the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) and CHC (Continuing Health Care) and many other large organisations and some much smaller.

Bring in the ‘peson-centred’ approach and may be some if not the majority of these problems could be diminished.

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