Britain tells China to honour Hong Kong freedoms – Reuters

Officers moved in after crowds stormed and trashed Hong Kong’s legislature on Monday, the anniversary of its return to Chinese rule, protesting against proposed legislation allowing extraditions to mainland China.

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt condemned violence on both sides and warned of consequences if China neglects commitments made when it took back Hong Kong to allow freedoms not enjoyed in mainland China, including the right to protest.

“We can make it clear we stand behind the people of Hong Kong in defence of the freedoms that we negotiated for them when we agreed to the handover in 1997 and we can remind everyone that we expect all countries to honour their international obligations,” Hunt told Reuters when asked what Britain could do.

He added that he hoped to avoid sanctions for China, saying: “I hope it won’t come up anything like that at all.”

“There is a way through this which is for the government of Hong Kong to listen to the legitimate concerns of the people of Hong Kong about their freedoms,” he added.

China said on Monday Britain no longer has any responsibility for Hong Kong and needed to stop “gesticulating” about the city.


China has denied interfering in Hong Kong affairs, though protesters have said the extradition bill is part of a relentless move towards mainland control.

Hunt, a candidate to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister, said at a campaign event in Belfast that many supporters of the Hong Kong demonstrators would have been dismayed by footage of Monday’s protests but that they should not be used as a pretext for repression.

The protests have created a fresh crisis for Chinese President Xi Jinping, already grappling with a trade war with Washington, a faltering economy and tension in the South China Sea.


Source: Britain tells China to honour Hong Kong freedoms – Reuters

One thought on “Britain tells China to honour Hong Kong freedoms – Reuters

  1. While I agree that China should uphold its commitments made in 1997, is this not hypocrisy on behalf of Hunt.

    What about This Tory Governments commitment to the poor, disabled and vulnerable of the UK, Is not the actions of this Government whereby they are not upholding the rights of these areas of the UK Population.

    The UN have advised in strong terms on these actions, but this Tory Government is not only not listening to the UM, but state that they are mistaken.

    So why should China listen to Hunt, a representative of the Government and their disgraceful actions to this vulnerable sector of the UK.

    I say put your own House in order, before decrying others.

    So, without delay reverse austerity and pay Local Authorities sufficient to overcome the years of Tory misrule of the UK.


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