Poverty in the UK is violating human rights. So…What’s next?

The report has been created and issued,but the Government disputes its findings, but the finding tend to show that the views of the population are correct.

The Government needs to accept the report and put their own ‘house’ in order.

The Government is proceeding on a a denial, they wish to believe their own misguided views rather than those of an independent enquiry.

This goes to prove that this Government does not care for the population of the UK, but only care for themselves and their immediate friends.

Govt Newspeak


Last week, we presented the findings of our investigation into poverty in the United Kingdom to the UN Human Rights Council. Some have asked why the UN Special Rapporteur on poverty would visit the UK, the fifth largest economy in the world. But 14 million people live in poverty, and in recent years the UK has seen a rise in poverty among many groups, including children and pensioners, as well as alarming increases in homelessnessfoodbanks, and in-work poverty. Since 2010, widespread and regressive cuts to social support under the rubric of austerity have made life worse for too many and have violated the UK’s human rights obligations.

When the report was published in May, the government took exception to its political nature and its ‘tone’. But they also called it ‘barely believable’ and sidestepped the substantive issues through denial, misdirection, and personal attacks…

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