Climate change is devastating Central America, driving migrants to the U.S. border : NBC News

EL ROSARIO,  Honduras — On a late winter evening, the people of this remote village walked out of their tin-roofed houses and headed to the local health clinic, a small, brightly painted building that has become a lifeline and a community gathering place.

Worry crossed their faces as they crammed onto wooden benches outside the clinic, shuffling dust-covered cowboy boots and plastic sandals.

They had come with questions.

Last year, farmers here watched helplessly as drought withered their corn and bean crops for a fifth straight year. With nothing to sell and no food supplies to feed their families, they’ve entered this growing season without any reserves.

El Rosario is on the edge of hunger.

As the sun slid below the distant tree line, Nelson Mejia, a big, soft-spoken man in his fifties, stood before his neighbors and prepared to share words of advice. He has been farming in El Rosario almost all his life, and he knows that unless something changes soon, the village could starve — or its 500 residents could be forced to find a new home.


Source: Climate change is devastating Central America, driving migrants to the U.S. border : NBC News

One thought on “Climate change is devastating Central America, driving migrants to the U.S. border : NBC News

  1. Trump is a catalyst to migration to the US.

    He is a climate change denier and also cuts aid to Central America and then refuses to accept immigrants, who in some way are coming to the US due to Trumps own policies.

    He wants his cake and eat it and appears to have eaten very many cakes.

    The’Rich West; have taken from the poor and under deveoped countries for many centuries and in many instances are unwilling to assist these countries in their hour of need.

    It is said if the West gives this removes the insentive for the countries to come through on its own using their own resources.

    But many of these resources have already been depleted by the West over the Centuries and even so today.

    Yes, initially the US was one of these counties overrun by colonisation, but the US gained their independence many years ago on 2 July 1776, when they declaredtheir independence but is celebrated as the 4 July,

    During that time they accepted many immigrants, which lead to the wealth of the US.

    So Trump is turning his back on the history of America, if he even knows it, for he may believe that he himself made ‘America Great’ or is it ‘Great Again’.

    Immigration, as the history of the US shows it not at all bad.

    His policies are adding to the deterioration of many areas of Central America, for he is ‘short sighted’, or is it ‘tunnel vision’.

    Trump needs or his eventual replacement needs to re-evalulate both internal and external American policies to ensure injustices are not being created and being sustained.

    Only then will America be ‘Great Again’, that is, if it ever was, for is greatness just within the Mind.


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