Disabled People Hit Four Times Harder By Welfare Changes

In general having a disability or disabilities means it costs more to live, therefore if the benefits system penalises persons with disabilities, not only do they not have the additional income, but effectively less income.

How can this be equality?

Govt Newspeak

Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment should undergo “urgent” shake-up, campaigners said. 


Disabled people have been financially hit four times harder by benefits changes over the past decade than non-disabled people, according to new research.

The more disabilities a person has the more they have lost out, the study said. YOU THINK!!!! 

A shake-up of the system, including a major review of the assessment criteria for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Universal Credit, should be “urgently conducted”, according to the report for the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC).

The DBC said: “While many people who receive welfare support have experienced cuts of an average of £300 as a result of changes to the welfare system, disabled people have typically lost around £1,200 per year.

“The more disabilities you have the more you lose out, for example someone who has six or more disabilities loses over £2,100 each year on average, whereas…

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