French MEP stuns BBC host during tense Brexit interview – ‘You create problem, you fix it’ | UK | News |

Ms Loiseau insisted the  will not change their position on reopening the withdrawal agreement despite the British Government’s demands. The French MEP, who previously worked as ‘s Europe Minister, told a stunned Emma Barnett the UK had caused the “problem” with Brexit and should therefore work to rectify it. Ms Loiseau told the BBC Radio 5 Live presenter: “Let us be frank – you created a problem, you fix it.


Source: Brexit news: French MEP stuns BBC host during tense interview – ‘You create problem’ | UK | News |

One thought on “French MEP stuns BBC host during tense Brexit interview – ‘You create problem, you fix it’ | UK | News |

  1. Yes, FRENCH MEP Nathalie Loiseau is partially correct for we did vote to leave the EU.

    However, it is debateable that, ‘You create problem, you fix it’, for it is a mixture of numerpos situations.

    The UK population was lied to in the 1975 referendum as we were not told the eventual outcome of the EU, or the EEC in 1975 and lead to believe it would retain purely as a trading partnership.

    During the Tony Blair years referendums should have taken place, but Blair refused to proceed on that basis and therefore made decisions which he was not mandated to make and in many ways this has been on going.

    When you have been lied to by the Establishment, not only once, but twice and many more, Brexit was the only way forward,

    We had Cameron and then May who were walked over by the EU, but both were remainers, as is, it appears is the Civil Service and certainly the majority of the UK Parliament.

    It could be argued that this is all down to successive UK Governments, but as, a supposed responsible body, the EU should have come clean and pointed out the lies from our Governments to the UK population. A case of being Guilty by Association.

    A No Deal Brexit may not be advantagous to anyone, but currently it is the only way, a true Brexit can occur, unless the EU, break their Guilty by Association and give the UK a reasonable withdrawal agreement, with no Backstop, no Single Market and certainlty no Customs Union.


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