Did Trump just spill classified military secrets on Twitter? – ThinkProgress

President Donald Trump boasted in a tweet Monday evening that the United States had “more advanced” missiles than Russia, following a rocket explosion in the country that left five nuclear engineers dead.

If his tweet is accurate, it suggests the United States has technology thought to have been abandoned over half a century ago. It also means the president may have revealed classified information about weapons that the U.S. military may currently possess.

Some experts believe the president may have simply been making things up once again.

“The United States is learning much from the failed missile explosion in Russia. We have similar, though more advanced, technology,” Trump tweeted Monday, referencing the incident at a military test site in northern Russia last week that killed five employees of the nation’s atomic agency, Rosatom.


Source: Did Trump just spill classified military secrets on Twitter? – ThinkProgress

2 thoughts on “Did Trump just spill classified military secrets on Twitter? – ThinkProgress

  1. Is Trump a Traitor or a Walter Mitty, either is equally dangerous. For if he is a traitor he has disclosed millitary secrets to the World, which would indicate they have been pursuing technology which they have previously stated they have abandoned some years ago. But if he is a Walter Mitty, he is lying about US Nuclear technology advancements, perhaps then inspiring other countries to increase their own nuclear technologies.

    Either way Trump and his utterences, be they vocal or on the Twitter media, are not good for the US and show to the World the incompetance of Trump, which, unfortunately many already believe and show or confirm a weakness at the top of the US administration.

    Not only is Trump not good for the US, but he is far from good for the World.


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