Universal Credit staff to strike next week

This DWP staff rolling out Universal Credit are saying exactly what claimants and even the UN have and are still saying about the UK benefit system.

But is anyone listening, if this was the US and the Trump administaration that everyone was complaining about, Trump would utter ‘Fake News’, when it is plainly not.

The senior mangement of the DWP and certainly this Tory Government need to open their eyes and ears to what is happening and not acting as if they are the ‘3 Wise Monkeys’, for they may be Monkeys, but is that an insult to Monkeys and they are far from wise, but just as the 3 Wise Monkeys, they are deaf, dumb and blind, not in reality, but certainly in their actions, or should it be, more exact, their non-actions.

Please wake up and see that the welfare system is not working for whom it should, the poor, sick, disabled and vulnerable.

The Universal Credit rollout needs to be delayed  so that all problems can be overcome before more are placed on the system, while ideally the whole system exercise should be scrapped.

Even more important the small pilot in Harrogate re persons on the old benefits should be delayed, as even now the transfer could and will make them worse off, not because they maybe, but because it is known it will, the reason that these persons have been advised not to apply to go on these benefits, unless there is a change in circumstances.

It is as though this Government wishes to make life considerable worse for everyone, except themselves, now they would certainly not wish for this to occur, would they?

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