Johnson won’t scrap HS2, but his review could make a big offer to the North | Conservative Home

This week’s newspapers carried the intriguing suggestion that Boris Johnson might re-order the construction of High Speed Two so that the railway’s northern sections are constructed first.

The new review of HS2 ordered by Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, is theoretically empowered to make a decision on whether or not to proceed with it at all.

Yet whilst the idea of scrapping it altogether will strongly appeal to many activists and MPs, there doesn’t appear to be any real expectation that this will happen. It would certainly be an unusual start for a Prime Minister with a track record of enthusiasm for high-profile infrastructure projects, and key political supporters of the project such as Andy Street are on the commission.

One might perhaps expect Dominic Cummings, who has been quoted as calling HS2 a “disaster zone”, to perhaps drive a move against it. But as he attempts to overhaul the Government and prepare the country for a no-deal exit from the European Union in the autumn, it’s unlikely he’ll have the bandwidth to imprint himself as totally on the Prime Minister’s agenda as some myth-makers might suggest.


Source: Johnson won’t scrap HS2, but his review could make a big offer to the North | Conservative Home

One thought on “Johnson won’t scrap HS2, but his review could make a big offer to the North | Conservative Home

  1. It is my view that HS2 should continue, yes, it is way over budget, but was this not the case for all the projects which went a head in London.

    For us in the North, it appears nothing stops projects in London, of which there have been many, Whereas, in the North, none appear to proceed, where is the equality.

    Yes, stop the project where it is from London to Birmingham, but commence both the projects from Sheffield and Manchester to Birmingham.

    If only one project can go forward then this should be Sheffield to Birmingham, as compared to the train quality from Manchester, the Sheffield connection equates to the ‘Pony Express’.

    Sheffield has always been a backwater as far as rail is concerned, as we use the old Midland line which has always been the slowest to London when compared to the East Coast and West Coast lines, in speed, rolling stock and investment, especially under the Nationalised rail systems of British Railways and then when renamed British Rail. Some improvement, especially in rolling stock came with the privitisation and the installing of East Midlands Rail.

    For any regrowth in the North HS2 has to be continued along with HS3, with the spur from Leeds to Sheffield.

    The north does exist for it is not barren from the ‘Watford Gap;, where Londoner believe the North commences, as it is North of London.

    The expanse of lands in the North, far exceeds that of London, which finance investment does not equate to, for the UK is not just London and as well as the north ern areas of England there is also Scotland and Wales.


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