Johnson to suspend parliament before Brexit, opposition denounces ‘coup’ – Reuters

Cheered on by U.S President Donald Trump, Johnson launched his boldest move yet to take the country out of the European Union by Oct. 31 with or without a divorce deal, by setting a new date for a state opening of parliament.

Known as the Queen’s Speech, the formal event will be held on Oct. 14 and be preceded by a suspension of the House of Commons, meaning parliament will not sit between mid-September and mid-October.

The move, which had to be approved by Queen Elizabeth, limits the time opponents have to derail a disorderly Brexit, but also increases the chance that Johnson could face a vote of no-confidence in his government, and possibly an election.

It also risks dragging the 93-year-old, politically neutral queen into the dispute. So incensed were leaders of the opposition parties by Johnson’s plan that several have written to the monarch asking for a meeting to express their concern.

The queen acts on the advice of her prime minister. Her office declined to comment. Her speech at the opening of parliament is written by the government, outlining its plans for legislation.


Source: Johnson to suspend parliament before Brexit, opposition denounces ‘coup’ – Reuters

2 thoughts on “Johnson to suspend parliament before Brexit, opposition denounces ‘coup’ – Reuters

  1. What are the prospects for a no confidence vote? Would Lib Dems and centrist Labour MPs not want to risk Corbyn becoming PM in a new election? How many Tories would oppose Boris?

    This assault on democracy is very disturbing. We are watching it being systematically dismantled in America and elsewhere. If it continues, I fear the worst for the world.


  2. This is very interest in the UK for we had a referendum, which had a majority vote in the Houses of Commons and Lords to hold, which we did.

    Against many expectation the vote was won by Leave the EU 52% to Reain in the EU 48%. We were advised that whatever the vote it would be adhered to.

    Then both Houses then voted to Trigger Article 50 to leave the EU.

    But since then there have been many separate elements in Parliament and the Lords,
    some to over-rule the Referendum result and stay in the EU
    some to leave the EU with a deal
    some to leave the EU without a deal
    and others that had a mix of the above

    Only those who worked to leave the EU with or without a deal were honouring Democracyin accordance with the referendum result.

    The LibDems wished to over-rule the referendum and stay in the EU with also the Greens and SNP.

    Labour appeared to be unsure what they wanted, however many of their supporters in the north of England wished to leave the UK, while London wished to stay in the UK,

    With the Conservatives it appeared that many wished to leave the UK, with a small proportion wishing to stay.

    Former Prime Minister Theresa May went to the EU and came away with a deal, but this was voted down 3 times in Parliament, as in many respects it was leave in onle name, but effectively remain without a voice.

    Now the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson is committed to leave the EU, with or without a deal, which in respects is in accordance with the referendum result.

    But there were moves to block a No Deal leave, which could then leave for a remain result.

    Which of these is supporting the referendum and therefore Democracy, certainly not the LibDems and any other MPs who wish to remain.

    During the reign of May the EU believed we would not leave without a deal and therefore they produced the agreement to leave, which in effect could be said to leave in name only.

    Boris, he says is pushing No Deal to convince the EU we will leave without a deal to persuade the EU to produce a leave deal which not a name only.

    All the antics of those wishing to block a no Deal leave are , in effect, convincing the EU that No Deal will ever come and therefore they will not change the agreement.

    No Deal as to be kept on the table and suspending Parliament could eventually convince the EU to offer a new agreement.

    So it is far from clear cut who is supporting Democracy and who is not.

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