Andrew’s in the frame: ‘Friends’ might say the picture that dogged the prince for years is fake | Daily Mail Online

  • Sources close to prince say the height of duke and Virginia ‘doesn’t look right’
  • But Andrew is understood to be 6ft and Virginia 5ft 8 which is reflected in image
  • Sources also claimed prince has ‘chubby fingers’, which ‘don’t match photo’
  • Images from around the time show Andrew wore same shirt and cufflinks often
  • California-born Virginia Roberts claims she had sex with prince number of times 

To her Australian neighbours, the only thing that made the slight, blonde mother-of-three stand out was her American accent. Otherwise ‘Gina’ or ‘Ginny’, as she was known to them, was just another ‘Central Coast mum’ enjoying her new life close to the ocean in New South Wales.

Only later would they discover that Virginia Giuffre’s very ordinary life hid an extraordinary past.

On a bookshelf in the three-bedroom bungalow she shared with her husband was a small, white envelope containing a collection of photos dating back a decade or so, documenting her teenage years.

Among pictures of her partying and riding horses was a single 7 x 5in photo taken in early 2001 when Virginia Roberts – as she was before she married – was 17.

Dressed in sparkly embroidered jeans and a pink singlet bought specially for the occasion, the teenager looks her age. But while smiling broadly for the camera, there is an underlying tension in her pose, one arm held uneasily to her hip.

Given the circumstances in which she claims it was taken, and considering the other people in the picture, any nervousness is entirely understandable.

Behind Roberts, off to one side, stands a smiling Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of disgraced media tycoon Robert Maxwell.

And then there is the older man who has his arm around Roberts’s waist, the fingers of his left hand touching the bare skin of the teenager’s midriff.


Source: Andrew’s in the frame: ‘Friends’ might say the picture that dogged the prince for years is fake | Daily Mail Online

One thought on “Andrew’s in the frame: ‘Friends’ might say the picture that dogged the prince for years is fake | Daily Mail Online

  1. It is debatable whether the picture is Fake or not, but what is not debatable is Andrews judgement is associating with Epstein when it was a known fact that her was a convcted peodophile, so in this respect he should hav e some responsibility.

    With this lack of judgement and his history of such, he should not be undertaking any Royal duties, if he is doing, he should also not be part of the funding for the Royal Family from the Public purse. If the Queen, as his mother, wishes to fund him from her own income then so be, but not from any public funding.

    If he was my son I would want him to live his own life from his own income, which would mean he would have to have a job, but what is he qualified for, a playboy is not, I feel, he is in demand for.


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