Amber Rudd resigns from Cabinet and quits Tory party as she hits out at Boris Johnson’s purge | Daily Mail Online

  • Rudd said there was ‘no evidence’ to suggest Johnson was seeking an EU deal 
  • She said she ‘could not stand’ for the dismissal of 21 Tory rebels last week
  • Ms Rudd called the exiles ‘good, strong conservatives with progressive values’
  • In addition to quitting Cabinet she stood by them by surrendering the whip

Cabinet Minister Amber Rudd resigned from the Tory Party last night in protest at Boris Johnson’s sacking of the rebel Tory MPs who voted last week to block a No Deal Brexit.

In a devastating parting salvo, the Pensions Secretary — one of only a handful of Remain supporting Ministers in Mr Johnson’s Cabinet — said she thought there was ‘no evidence’ that Mr Johnson was trying to strike a deal with Brussels.

Announcing that she would be standing as an independent Conservative in her Hastings and Rye constituency, Ms Rudd attacked the Prime Minister’s decision to deselect 21 Tory rebels as an ‘assault on decency and democracy’.

Ms Rudd was criticised by her former Remain allies after pivoting to sign up to Mr Johnson’s Cabinet and backing his pledge to leave the EU ‘do or die’ and had been under huge pressure over her ‘pivot.’


Source: Amber Rudd resigns from Cabinet and quits Tory party as she hits out at Boris Johnson’s purge | Daily Mail Online

One thought on “Amber Rudd resigns from Cabinet and quits Tory party as she hits out at Boris Johnson’s purge | Daily Mail Online

  1. What is happening in the UK?

    The people spoke in the Referendum 2016 to leave the EU, a referendum which was agreed to by Parliament. Cameron stated that the result of the referendum would be kept and that leaving the EU would mean a withdrawal from the Single Market and the Customs Union.

    This Parliament then agreed to trigger Article 50 to effect leaving the EU.

    So far the will of the people appeared to be progessing. May went to the EU to get a deal with No Deal being the fall back. She appeared to get a deal to leave, but in name only as we would still be in a form of Customs Union. It is now also apparent that she never even mentioned No Deal, so the EU would have assumed that this was never a real option.

    The best option to get a deal was not mentioned.

    Mays deal was brought to Parliament and was rejected 3 times by both leave and remain MPs and the Article 50 leave date was extend 3 times.

    Remain because they do not want to leave the EU, even though they were in a Parliament that agreed to.

    Leavers because the Mays deal meant we were still in the Customs Union.

    Then we had Boris who stated we would leave by the third leave date with or without a deal.

    But Parliament is still geared to remain.

    Boris wanted a General Election even though he originally said he did not. But Boris’s motion was defeated by an alliance of Labour, LibDems, SNP and others. LibDems never wanted to leave the EU and are doing all they can to thrawt the will of the people. SNP also never wanted to leave the EU for they were following the will of the Scottish people, even though the referendum was about the will of the UK, of which Scotland is still a member and therefore should abide by the result.

    Now for Labour an apparent remain party with a Leader who has always been against membership of the EU and a Leader who wanted a General Election as soon as possible.

    Still following this?

    All parties are stating that they are being democratic , but if they were being democratic, surely we should have already left the EU.

    Is it that Boris is the only one with his Brexiteers who are, apparently still following the will of the people.

    But was or is the will of the people to leave with or without a deal, if it is then Boris is fully with the people.

    But as Cameron was for remain was it clear in the referendum that No Deal could ever be an option, perhaps it was or perhaps not, for who can say either way?

    What are the EU thinking about this?

    Well that the power, should Boris be defeated that the UK will not leave the EU, but if the UK does it will be on a deal similar as Mays, which is not what leavers say was supported in the winning referendum vote.

    If we do not leave the EU, what will the people of the UK think about voting, well what is the point for whatever the result it will be Parliament to do as they wish be it with the vote or not. So then why vote?

    So to ensure people believe that voting is essential and worth doing we should leave the EU with or without a deal.


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