On Brexit Maneuvers, Boris Johnson Has Badly Miscalculated – Bloomberg

After just 43 days in office, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has gotten himself into a dire fix. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way out — for him or for the country he nominally leads.

Thanks to a series of miscalculations, Johnson’s party is cracking up, his government is collapsing, and his political strategy is backfiring. This week, he ejected 21 rebels from the parliamentary Conservative Party after they joined the opposition to stop him from forcing the country out of the European Union without an exit agreement. To restore his authority and a workable majority, the prime minister then called for a prompt general election — and lost that vote as well, failing to muster the necessary two-thirds support.


Source: On Brexit Maneuvers, Boris Johnson Has Badly Miscalculated – Bloomberg

One thought on “On Brexit Maneuvers, Boris Johnson Has Badly Miscalculated – Bloomberg

  1. Boris was and still is endeavouring to support and deliver the will of the people, unlike the UK Parliament, Labour, SNP and cetainly the LibDems.

    The Referendum 2016 was won by the Breixteers and not the Remainers, but those mentioned above are unwilling to accede to that vote and are continuing on the assumption that thr Remainers won the Referendum.

    In a Democracy the the legislative authority are voting in by the people on the understanding that they will conduct themselves according to the will of the people.

    The LibDems are 100% opposed to the will of the peopleParliament is around 2two thirds against the will of the people, the SNP are following the will of the Scottish people when the referendum was clearly to be based on the will of the UK people and not just a fraction. Then we are left with Labour, what can be said of them, for it is far from sure where they stand.

    Corbyn has never been a supporter of the EU but wishes to be Prime Minister of the UK by any means possible, even if this is to hoodwink his own Party and thereby the Labour supporters within the UK, which is completely different to the members of the Labour Party.

    Yes, there is a lack of democracy within the UK, but the question or questions are by whom.

    Is it Boris who, in all intent and purposes, is, he informs us, carryingout the wishes of the people of the UK in accordance with the referendum 2016 result, but maybe by some dubious methods.

    Or is the anti-Brexit members of the Parliament, who have no directive, except for the persons who voted against Brexit, but, lost, however, are still trying to win again by some dubious methods, for have they a mandate to do so. In fact we have some MPs from constituencies who voted to leave, but they are still voting as though these constituents voted to remain. Is that really democracy.

    Whether you voted to leave or remain the result was to leave and that we should be doing, is it good practice or not, who knows, for there are lies and lies from both sides.

    But if we do not leave, what is the point of voting.?

    How would we view if in a football match where one side won by 1 goal, are they the winners or not, or are the losers the winners because the goal margins were not large enough.

    In that instance what would be the point of playing again?

    Until a decision is effected no one will, truely, know how the future will be.

    Say we are wishing to cross the road, but are unsure if we will be knocked down or not, so therefore we do not cross the road.

    If the UK do not leave the EU, then democracy within the UK, is effectively dead.


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