BREXIT: The power of surrender

The Slog

DSCN0256 It may be time for the Brexit debate to be dumped in favour of more important plans to stop the drift towards a technocratic European Reich. In this first of a Slog two-parter, we examine the real history of multidimensional Brexit sabotage, the slim chances of Sovereign Brexit being achieved, and how the Resistance could become unstoppable. Part 2 will appear later today. 


There is a sort of potted history of meetings between UK and Brussels Brexit negotiators:

UKPol: Right, let’s get down to talking about how tariffs will work after Brexit….

Sprout: No, first you must agree to pay us a €39b divorce fee.

UKPol: There’s nothing in the Article 50 procedures about a divorce fee. Now, looking at….

Sprout: The clock is ticking.

UKPol: Well, maybe we can talk about a penalty in the context of a deal about overall trading procedures….

Sprout: No, you don’t…

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