David Starkey issues brutal analysis of ‘bizarre’ Supreme Court ruling against

Remainers have been pushing to not leave the EU since David Cameron came up with the Referendum and maybe for many years before.

When the Referendum result was announced, not leaving the EU should have been off the table, with only leaving with a deal or no deal the options.

To then, for remainers to campaign for no deal to b e off the table, was and still is illogical, except to ensure a deal is put forward which while saying it is a deal to leave when in reality it is not, in fact a deal in name only, such as the May deal. But then the remainers would not vote for that because it was adeal to leave.

Say I was the EU and looked at thr turmoil in Westminster where remainers are blocking leavers every move, would I offer a good deal to leave, yes, the answer would be NO.

For the EU can see that, if the remainers win, there will be no deal option, in effect the best card to play for leavers. In fact, they would see that the worst option for the EU would be a deal and the best to remain, which as I stated before should not be an option after the 2016 Referendum.
Leavers are arguing about democracy, but by their own actions they are showing democracy does not work, well only within their own terms.

Remainers should in fact withdraw and leave all decisions to leavers.

If the referendum in 2016 had gone the other way then the above would have been in reverse.


David Starkey insisted the speech Lady Hale gave before the ruling appeared closer to one given at a ”hustings” rather than a judicial debate.  The language was verging on the political – it was political.


GW: The Cabal on both sides of the pond are becoming increasingly desperate.  They are now pulling any sort of trick & pressing any button they can find.  A good example of this is Jesse Philips’ irrational explosion in HofC.  She needs anger management classes & perhaps she should not even be there if she can’t control her emotions.  These people are thinkings with their feelings rather than with cold hard intellect.  Any way you look at it (((they))) are thwarting the democratic process & I guess deep down it is getting to them.  Their shadowy masters are jaagging their strings pretty tightly now & (((they))) are choking.

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