PIP assessor challenges claimants son to a fight

I thought I had heard about some diabolical benefit assessments and assessors and that nothing could be worse thanthose I had aready heard about.

This just proves how wrong you can be. This particular assessor would appear to have some serious problems relating to his behaviour and I would question whether he is capabable and competent not only to do benefit assessments, but to do his sunstancial job in the NHS.

In this persons behaviour I would go on to say, that during this assessment some elements of criminal behaviour to place and this does question his ability to have conducted proper assessments with other benefit claimants.

The process is stressful enough for the benefit claimants and their families and they can do well not having to put up with the conduct of this particular assessor.

It also beggars the question of how many more like him are also conducting such assessments in the manner similar to him.

He appears to be assuming a position of power over the benefit assessees, which should not be so.

Govt Newspeak

PIP assessor told claimant to ignore her ‘irrelevant’ suicide attempt… then challenged her son to a fight 

A metal gate lying on the ground
A benefits assessor told a disabled woman to ignore “irrelevant” information about a suicide attempt, shoved her son after he was asked to halt the assessment, challenged him to a fight, and then damaged their house as he left.
The shocking incident in Cardiff last week has left Cheryl Matthews terrified that the healthcare professional who carried out her face-to-face personal independence payment (PIP) assessment for the outsourcing giant Capita could return to her home.
As he left the house, the assessor even told her 22-year-old son that he intended to return for a fight. Capita has confirmed that the assessor has been suspended as a result of the incident, but the company has refused to say if it will now re-examine the other face-to-face assessments he has carried out for the…

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