A welfare system that drives mothers into prostitution is not a safety net

A David Cameron once said ‘We are in it together’, but in what?

Was it austerity for if it was it was not the poorest and most vulnerable in Society that caused, but they did come off worst.

The persons who caused the Banking Crisis, did not loose their bonus, which it is said they earned during the coming of the crisis, were they in it?

What about the Prime Minister, the Ministers, MPs were they in it? For they ghot their pay package increases when most of the UK workforce did not and these are people who could have substancial income.

Ther persons who were worst off, do, in many instances have to rely on benefits to survive, not because they are unwilling to work. For many persons with disabilities, suffering from sickness and ill health or even on low pay employment. Some will be on Zero Hours contracts where earnings are only paid when work is done, which is only available when the work is offered.

No we were not ‘all in it together’ for the vulnerable, poor, persons in poor health were in it all the time and were the least able deal with it.

Also, the benefits they were relying on, some of which did not have inflationary increases, were being changed. The changes were using systems, which in many instances, were not fit for purpose and left many with no or little income throughout these changes.

In many instances the benefit assessments were not be conducted correctly, in fact, it is obvious that some of the assessors put untruths in the assessments, which then made the claimants ineligible for the benefits, which were then overturned after a very long appeals process.

If persons were on the old benefits were these benefits maintained until the revised decision was made known, no they were not.

The UN even advised the Government that their systems were wrong or wrongly being used, but the Government decided not just ti ignore the UN but advised that the UN was incorrect in their judgements.

This is from a Government where the country, the UK, is supposed to be a supporter of the UN.

Ifthe UK will ignore the UN, I say, What is the point of having the UN.

Is it to keep the peace, well if it is why are there so many violent instances in many countries, all of whom are members of the UN.

Yes, they are doing, just what the UK has and is doing, ignoring the UN.

Was austerity required, we were told it was, but austerity did not cater for equality and many deaths could be attributed to austerity or the Governments forms of austerity.

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