Let’s put this ‘over 70’s’ nonsense to bed shall we.

The UK is supposed to be a democracy and in a democracy all persons above a certain age should be eligible to vote, to restrict voting to certain groups could open a ‘Pandoras Box’.

It would apprear the persons below the current voting start age of 18 years are so incensed that their supporters feel persons 70 and over should have their eligibility to vote removed as they wil not be there for the future.

However, many 70 years could be expected to live into their 90s or even to 100 years and more, at least another 20 years. Granted not as long as a 16-17 year old would expect, but still a considerable number of years.

If this restriction of age is eventually agreed, where could the next resrtiction arise from, could it be health conditions or some others areas.

This is pitting one section of a community against another, a start of discrimination, which can lead to many other decisions, mayb e some form of cleansing. We have, over the years, seen many instances of this, some from Biblical times, Nazsism in the 40s, the eventual break up of Yugoslavia in the 90s and many more.

The sections of the UK Society who have brought the over 70s voting into question need to seriously consider the consequences of such action and where it could led.

It maybe right for 16-17 year olds to be allowed to vote, but as in all sections of the community not all will be able to understand the politics in deciding who to vote for, so should we have within the system a facility to question people’s political knowledge and discount those who appear to not understand.

The vote for women was a long and hazardous venture and not all obtained the right at once.

Politics can be very ‘dirty’ and the power relating to certain sections of the community can, will and is open to misuse.

There are of course view and opinions for and against, but please do not use a further restriction as an arguement to grant it to another.

The ‘Right to Vote’ has been a contentious issue for many years in certain sections of the community and it is not right to withhold it on a whim from one section as opposed to another.

It could be right to give the vote to 16 and 17 year olds, but not for political motives to win in another emotive issue.


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