The More I Think on it, the More I Think Trump Is Broke : PolitiZoom

There is a damn good reason that presidents in the past have both released tax returns and put assets in a blind trust. We are all human, we all have to guard against even the most subtle biases coming into play. Any president has the power to move billions in equities, make or break companies with policy changes, it is near impossible to make a decision that doesn’t have a massive impact on some fraction of the economy.

Now imagine the danger presented by a man for whom wealth is the only measure of a person, one who always presented himself as a “billionaire,” branded himself on wealth alone, one who didn’t divest himself, is not blind to his assets, and – this is key – is barely keeping his head above water financially, one who may actually be insolvent were everything to be added up. Imagine the danger that man represents as president.

There are troubling signs all around us, and they are not new.


Source: The More I Think on it, the More I Think Trump Is Broke : PolitiZoom

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