Mother finds letter sent to disabled son who died addressed ‘Mr A deceased’

If the letter had come from the DWP then would I have been surprised, but from a supposed legal area this is even more worrying.

If the investigation finds that this is standard practice then a serious review of Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service needs to be urgently undertaken.

If it be found that this was a malicious act by an individual or individuals then they need to be dismissed forthwith.

My sympathies go to Kai’s mother and the rest of the family.

Govt Newspeak

Kai’s mum said the letter was ‘extremely upsetting’ A grieving mother says she is devastated after receiving a letter which referred to her son as ‘Mr A deceased’ after he died while appealing the decision to cut his disability benefit.

Kai's mum said the letter was 'extremely upsetting'

The mum, who does not wish to be named, says her son Kai, 44, was appealing the decision to cut his Personal Independence Payment (PIP) by the Department for Work and Pensions. Kai tragically lost his life on the 1 May this year after suffering from respiratory failure and pneumonia.

During the appeal process, a letter was sent by HM Courts and Tribunals Service who were dealing with the appeal, to Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centre (DUWC). The DUWC had been providing Kai’s mum with advice and support with the appeal, which read ‘appeal for Mr. A deceased’.

Speaking to, Kai’s mum said: ‘I feel like I’ve been stabbed in…

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