The Dangers of FLASH Flooding

A topical video for parts of the UK, especially for Sheffield yesterday.

My wish would be to have the ‘force field’ which is saving the video presenter.

But Flooding is no joke for it will certainly cause substantial damage and maybe deaths, so flooding is not to be taken lightly.

Some footage relating to the flooding in Sheffield UK on Thursday 7 November 2019

Video footage shows flooding on Sheffield roads as amber weather warning issued : The Star

Sheffield flooding: Torrential rain leaves city flooded : BBC News

UK flooding: Dozens spend night in Sheffield Meadowhall shopping centre : BBC News

Roads across Sheffield closed as floods continue to wreak havoc : The Star

However, we are living in the age of Global Warming and Climate Change, so, in reality, is flooding more likely to occur more often, I am afraid the answer will be yes.

Now Flash Flooding will occur at a moment in time and, in time the flooding will subside and then it is the ‘clear up stage’ followed by the reality to make good the damage, which is certainly to be costly.

If we view the expected rise in sea levels, then the low-lying coastal areas and maybe even more inland will be permanently flooded, causing excessive loss of habitable and serviceable land, and even of more concern of loss of life.

Now what can be done?

With FLASH flooding, then every authority in possible areas of flooding should immediately, if not even earlier, look at their flood defences. But also, the maintenance of existing drainage provision, ensuring they are free of clutter and debris. This includes any drainage gullies, sewers and other such structures. When it comes to rivers also ensure riverbanks are constantly maintained to ensure they do not collapse and certainly ensure the full length of all rivers are free of rubbish and other debris.

Also, no building of forms of accommodations, which should be seen as no do/go areas, on known ‘flood plains’. However, due to lack of suitable land on which to build, some authorities within the UK have allowed such building and then, surprise, surprise!! when the flooding occurs.

Who in their right mind would even consider purchasing property on a known flood plain?, but many do, but is it due to lack of information, which, if so, should be a instance on those who were in the knowledge of such information to be sued , on which there should be no limit on the time scale in which such proceedings could be taken. the liability to be placed on persons as well as organisations, this would cover Directors of companies who cease trading and close their companies, and in many instances, just create a new company in a different name.
Flooding and the changes in climate and environment have to be taken seriously and cannot be ignored, if it is then persons need to be held accountable, even if they are still not in Office.

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