The poor giving to charity is not the answer to society’s ills

To some extent you may be correct and many charities have been created over the last few years, but are they all because of austerity.

Maybe or maybe not for why are charities created?

Yes, many are created due to an apparent divide in systems creating a service which is not fulfilling the needs of some vulnerable persons. But is it purely down to lack of finance or is it that the current organisations, charities or not, are covering a vast area of vulnerability relating to a large expanse of conditions. Take for example Learning Disability and Autism, for both, in their own right are vast areas and can just one organisation cater for all, or is some specialism required. Then to what degree is the specialism required, for is it that each area of defined specialism requires their own organisation and therefore the finance which is available can be more directly focused.

If, we are saying that austerity has caused to increase in voluntary organisation, then what caused the need for charities to be formed, before austerity, could it be what I outlined above.

Here I come to day care provision, it could be said that all this should be provided by the Local Authorities, but, in my own view on this, local authority provision tends to be less cost effective then smaller organisations. For with local authorities it tends to be ‘one size fits all’, whereas it should be possible for smaller organisations to provide a service which is more ‘person-centred’and will provide more choice for those who are in need of care.

This all assumes that all organisations, even local authorities provide a service to all, which is of consistent good quality.

But after seeing the provision of care for my own daughter for the last 40 years, I have found good quality sadly lacking in many instances, many from the local authority.

This should be down to the Care Quality Commission (CQC), but again from my own observations the CQC concentrates far too much on bureaucratic process, in other words if the records state there is good quality, then there is good quality. However, while good records is one area, service is, in the main, down to human intervention, So, who is checking that the human intervention is acting in accordance the written words, not the CQC.

For if it was then Winterbourne View and Woolaton Hall and others would not have occurred.

In any Society there should be good and efficient organisations in the public, private and voluntary/Charity sectors and all should be working together to ensure good quality is at the centre of all provision.

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