Boris Johnson’s dad says the general public is ‘illiterate’

I would not take the view that the General Public are illiterate, but they do appear to be unconcerned, not aware of what is actually occurring, or just complacent in certain areas.

It could be that these are areas in which they have no knowledge or have currently not come across or have access to.

A prime example is the varying knowledge with Social Care and Health Care, for most of us have accessed health care to some degree, but not necessarily social care. In this they are aware of the crisis in health care, which generally receives good press coverage and is seen as an essential service, while social care generally receives a bad press and is not seen as an essential service. This is shown by the degree of funding and the lack of it over the years. I have been involved in Social Care for over 40 years and a shortfall of funding as always been there,

Austerity is but the latest excuse, but this has had a much bigger impact on increasing the crisis over the last 10 years.

Please see my petition ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’ follow link


The prime minister has been accused of ‘lying’ and running scared after his refusal to attend debates and an interview with BBC journalist Andrew Neil.

Asked about Boris being called Pinocchio, Mr Johnson replies: ‘That requires a degree of literacy, which I think the great British public doesn’t necessarily have.’

Boris Johnson’s dad says the general public is ‘illiterate’

David Cooke
Fwah fwah fwah fwah bubble gurgle. Alzheimers at its best

Robert Butt
They’re not ‘accusations of lying’, he’s been caught out in significant lies several times, is lying virtually every time he opens his mouth when campaigning, and has been caught cheating on his wife.

He is successfully using the Trump playbook, because rightly or wrongly, lots of people couldn’t care less. He’s a politician, of course he lies. Although he seems to do it a lot more than most.

GW: The Johnsons are a mongrel breed including…

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