BBC Question Time Audience Destroy Labour MP For Undemocratic Second Brexit Referendum Plan

I did not see the programme but Labour did in 2016 say they would honour the 2016 result and therefore a 2nd referendum in not respecting.

Yes, it was a narrow victory for leave and yes, many on both leave and remain may not have fully understood the full ins and outs of the referendum.

However, the same could be said of any political election and we do not disrespect the results of these.

Also in other political elections, certainly General Elections there are a number of issues mentioned in each parties election manifestos, so can it really be assumed that the result for the victorious party means all those that voted agreed and fully understood every point in the manifestos.

But , just because leave won, in a remain parliament the simple vote for remain or leave is in question.

Surely the lies made by remain MPs, in that they would abide by the result in 2016 shows that most MPs can not be trusted, but we already know that.


6 December 2019

  • BBC Question Time Audience Destroy Labour MP For Undemocratic Second Brexit Referendum Plan
  • Brexiteer Richard Ticeand The BBC Question Time audience in Hull destroyed Labour MP Anneliese Dodds & The Labour Party for its undemocratic Brexit position asking for a second referendum with remain vs remain.
  • We also had a remoaner calling the 2016 referendum result illegitimate.
  • The panel consisted of Brexit party Chairmain Richard Tice, Conservative Party Chairmen James Cleverly, Labour Mp Anneliese Dodds, Lib Dem Ed Davey & SNP’s Ian Blackford Joining BBC’s Fiona Bruce

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