Disabled people ‘love’ working for a pittance

Yes, people with Learning Disabilities like to work, but just because some may not understand money is no reason to pay them under the National Living Wage, which is too low itself.

A fair wage for a job of work is an entitlement that all in the UK should receive, irrespective of age, sex, health condition, etc.

Until this is respected all over the UK you will get unscrupulous employers offering people who are desperate or not understanding monetry aspects a wage far less than should be paid.

If employers should need an encouragement to employ persons with disabilities, which they should not, then pay the employers extra to do so and this could then be used to ensure the places of employment are fit for purpose, with regards to working conditions, toilets, work stations, required training and terms and conditions.

While it should not be required to state, but I find it is, the employment offered should be a real job and not just a job to do what others are unwilling to do and they should not be bullied.

There may be others to mention, but really people with disabilities should not be disrespected by employers and also their prospective work colleagues, this should be obvious, but, in practice, it is not, for many persons with learning disabilities feel put upon, bullied, made to feel not wanted. Whereas they really want to work and not content to stay jobless where a few of the unemployed do, just content to receive the benefit for not working.

The benefits that people with learning disabilities do receive are essential to their daily living and are not scroungers as they are stated to be by the Government, certain parts of the media and other persons who are so ignorant they really need re-educating.

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