Pakistani Professor Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy – JONATHAN TURLEY

We have yet another example of the perils facing academics in some Muslim countries with a death sentence handed down by a Pakistani court against Professor Junaid Hafeez, 33, because he allegedly …

Source: Pakistani Professor Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy – JONATHAN TURLEY

One thought on “Pakistani Professor Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy – JONATHAN TURLEY

  1. I do not wish to isolate any one religion as all religions are a belief, that is most can not be proved to any great extent. Those that follow these religions believe what is written, but most of what is written is the belief of the writer.

    As religious books go, the Quran is the most believable,

    The Quran was compiled into a book in the time of the first caliph, Abu Bakr. The journey of the Quran, which began to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad during the month of Ramadan in 610, in its original form to the present day is a characteristic that none of the previous sacred books have, unlike those of the Christian faith. For these were written on, hearsay, many years after the departure of whose words they were and have been translated many, many times.

    But all these religious books were complied many centuries ago and the World has moved on, some say for the better, some say for not and some do not care.

    The concepts of life in the years, much time ago, has changed considerably in the light of life today, many when women were not best thought of, in that only men ruled the day, which could be said why women are not always referred to as a person to listen to, but, in many aspects, that belief is not correct.

    Women have or should have a great say in how we all proceed in life, as should men also continue to do. But rather than discount women they should be held as equals and listened to in the same extent as men have been.

    We should all accept that we are not all the same and that is good and Individualism should be respected. in all aspects of life.

    Just because you and I may have a view of life, does not mean that an others different view should not be recognised, this goes on for religious beliefs and he individuals concept of their own life.

    As to blasphemy, we should all respect the laws of any individual country, but this is an outlook, which in modern times should not be in place.

    As religion is a belief, should anyone be charged, let alone convicted, if their views are not fully in accordance with others. To follow any particular religion, should be an individual choice, which, in these modern times should be accepted.

    To incur a death penalty is way above any form of punishment, if punishment should even be there. Is it just a measure of power which is totally being over used.


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