This Labour leadership candidate may have fuelled the ‘hostile environment’ faced by benefit claimants|WelfareWeekly

While criticising the few it is far to easy to bring this criticism down on the many, thus fueling the disdain for anyone on Welfare Benefits and once in the mind of the populous it is not easy to change. Especially when this is re-enforced with all the media speculation and programmes on benefit cheats. Why is there not the focus on how benefits help people to live a reasonable life either in the short or longer term.

Some people may need benefits to bring them through a certain crisis or on a more permanent basis when the situations are due to long-term disabilities and health issues.

It should not be, ever, that people on benefits are looked down on, for these benefits are not charity, as for many are an essential part of living.

The days of the Workhouses and poorhouses should have gone a long time passing, but the likes of Starmer, Thornberry and others just perpetuate this belief.


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