Harry and Meghan need to know that freelance life isn’t a walk in the park | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian

When royals try to be entrepreneurial or work with billionaires, it doesn’t usually go well. Still, there’s always the acting, says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff

Source: Harry and Meghan need to know that freelance life isn’t a walk in the park | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian

One thought on “Harry and Meghan need to know that freelance life isn’t a walk in the park | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian

  1. Firstly I wish to say that I seriously do wish Harry and Meghan well in their new ventures for they will certainly need it.

    This has been a long time coming and I believe well before Harry even met Megan, let alone met her.

    Harry has always been the verbial ‘spare part, such as his Uncle Andrew, in the greatly dysfunctional family, which in real life would have had Social Services involvement well before now, let alone criminal involvement.

    Andrew decided his ‘bread was best buttered’ by staying in the dysfunctional family and we have seen recently and for some time before how this has and is still going.

    Harry is no fool and will have seen all this, as well as his own Mother’s situation and having to cope with her death and well the Funeral, what’s more to be said. The image of Harry walking behind the funeral cortege was plain for all to see, except the Royal Family and especially Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

    But the whole concept of the Royal Family is not conducive to the 21st Century, change is needed, but will it be so or even enough.

    It is not that I wish for the Royal Family to disappear, or change in Ceremonial fashion, but change in a more modern outlook.

    But is the Royal family solely to blame, what about, what I call ‘the men in grey suits’, those that are steeped in royalness and appear even more unable to change than the royal family itself.

    This whole process has been the blame for many situations, in so called recent times, the life of Princess Margaret, Fergie and Andrew, Charles and Diana, not to mention the current Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla), even to Princess Anne and her 2 husbands, Mark Phillips and Tim Laurence.

    In the arena of Soaps you could not make it up.

    Meghan has had some good press and bad and yes, some of it may have been down to her ignorance of this family, but the Royal Family and the UK Press, certainly have had their input. But then many families have problems, but not shown in open court.

    We in the UK comment, without any real knowledge, myself included, but and we should keep an open mind and let Meghan and Harry live their own lives and sort their own mistakes, of which there will be some, but hopefully not many.

    We have said, well some of us, that the Royal Family needs to be reduced and to some extent are not Harry and Megan doing this, Prince Andrew take note.

    Again I wish Harry and Meghan well, for they will need it.


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