Secret panel probe links between DWP & claimant deaths

I suppose we should welcome this secret panel, but in reality the panel should have been there since the Benefit scandals started to occur and it should not be secret, for this is truly in the ‘Public Interest’.

Lets do hope the panel will reach conclusions, conclusions that we already know and exact change immediately.

Whenever the reports are formed they need to be made public without delay.

Govt Newspeak

Ministers have secretly launched a new panel that will examine deaths linked to serious failings by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), apparently without informing MPs and peers. Its launch only emerged when DWP admitted that the circumstances surrounding the death of Errol Graham had been referred to the panel. pipx

Graham starved to death after DWP wrongly removed his out-of-work benefits, leaving him without any income. He weighed just four-and-a-half stone when he was found by bailiffs who had knocked down his front door to evict him.

DWP civil servants had failed to seek further medical evidence from his GP, just as in many other notorious cases that have sparked repeated calls for an independent inquiry into links between the deaths of claimants and DWP failings.

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