DWP clawed back £50million in Universal Credit loan repayments in just one month

A 5 week wait for a benefit to be paid is ridiculous for in this age of computers it should be much quicker.

This is completely wrong for New Claimants of benefits as in many instances the benefit will be needed urgently.

Then for claimant having to move from one benefit to another, this 5 week wait is also wrong, especially as their old benefits stop when the claim is received.

Why, in this day with all the computer systems could not the old benefit be continued to be paid until the new benefit is ready for payment, a seamless transfer, or can they (DWP) not be bothered. This is especially so, as some also suffer a benefit reduction when all the old benefits are converted into one.

This is not a welfare system, but a punishment system, but being on benefits is not a crime, but the way the Government, the Press and some misguided individuals in the UK population appear to believe that it is.

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