DR MAX PEMBERTON: Why the NHS MUST learn lessons from coronavirus | Daily Mail Online

DR MAX PEMBERTON: The past four weeks have seen unimaginable changes in the NHS. As the severity of the coronavirus pandemic became clear, emergency plans swung into action.

Source: DR MAX PEMBERTON: Why the NHS MUST learn lessons from coronavirus | Daily Mail Online

One thought on “DR MAX PEMBERTON: Why the NHS MUST learn lessons from coronavirus | Daily Mail Online

  1. ‘Lessons will be learnt’, now where have I heard that before.

    Yes, every time there is a crisis, a safeguarding issue or mistakes have been made, we hear the dreaded phrase ‘lessons will be learnt’, but are they?

    Well, in reality, it appears that they never are, because the same mistakes continue to be made, some even in the same organisations .

    Why are these lessons not learnt, well to learn you have to be willing to learn, which many organisations are extremely unwilling to do, just hope the mistake does not occur again, or should I say, they do not really care if mistakes happen, even the same mistakes because those in charge believe they are untouchable.

    But anyone should be touchable and held to account.

    In Private industry, this accountability may be there, but in public organisations it appears accountability is last on the list, or not on the list at all.

    It should be every staff members responsibility to engage in change, where this makes things better , but making things better, at times is a personal opinion.

    So lets look at the NHS, a very large organisation, which at time is a national organisation and at others it is Local. I find the more local a decision is made the more likely-hood that it ill go through and when it does go through quicker.

    Is the decision making process friendly or not or just to cumbersome for decisions to be made.

    It is my feeling that the NHS, as it is for all areas Governments are involved with, that it is cumbersome and very unfriendly.

    The process needs to be streamlined, but here some peoples jobs may change with losing responsibility or disappear altogether, which in the Civil Service appears to be a no, no because jobs, certainly top and middle management jobs appear to be sacrosanct.

    The Civil Service needs drastic re-organisation, but do not leave it to the Civil Servants for it will never come to pass, even if it even starts. The programmes Yes, Minister and Yes., Prime Minister got it in ‘one’.

    Even, possible misleading information to make Government Ministers look stupid, which some may be, but that is not what Civil Servants are there for.

    They should be non-political and always provide the best information possible and not try to influence some political or other leanings.

    For when a Minister speaks they have been briefed by the Civil Servants in the departments the Minister represents. If the Minister is given the wrong information or misleading information, do the Civil Servants responsible suffer, no it is the Minister, perhaps there should be a name and shame. As for bullying then who knows.

    Much is not write with Government, not just this one, but virtually any Government and there needs to be more transparency, honesty and certainly accountability, for presently there is none and there needs to be.

    I would says to the companies contacting the NHS, if a response is not receive within the day or the next day, then contact the NHS locally, for locally they know what they want and may be they have the leeway to make a decisions or know how to get a decision quickly.


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