Coronavirus: Unpaid carers are working harder but ‘completely ignored’ by government | Vox Political

Family members who provide care for loved ones with only Carers’ Allowance as financial support are claiming that the coronavirus has “overwhelmed” them but the government is igno…

Source: Coronavirus: Unpaid carers are working harder but ‘completely ignored’ by government | Vox Political

One thought on “Coronavirus: Unpaid carers are working harder but ‘completely ignored’ by government | Vox Political

  1. Like Mike, I too am unable to receive Carers Allowance, not because of the size of my income, but because I am in receipt of my pension. Many people , including some Social Workers are unaware that you can not receive Carers Allowance when on pension.

    This is because Carers Allowance is not a benefit to pay for caring, which many believe it is, but an allowance to compensate for loss of income while caring and when on pension there will be no loss of income.

    But, of course the amount of Carers Allowance in no way compensates for any loss of income, unless you are employed by an employer who is breaking the law, as you would have to be in receipt of a salary, of less than the National Living Wage, which is illegal.

    As per this Government and most of the previous Government, if not all, are wishing for social care to be provided on the cheap, be it unpaid care by family or paid care from care staff from a Care Service Providers or by Direct Payment should the person in need of care be an Individual Employer in receipt of Direct Payment from their Local Authority, or a Personal Health Budget if funded through Continuing Health Care (CHC) and they are using these to paid their own carers.

    It is viewed that Family Carers are saving the Government in excess of £130 billion a year, so what would happen if all family carers went on strike for more Carers Allowance. Of course, this will never occur as the family would never leave their family member in need of care, without care.

    But, as I was thinking last year, to call a virtual strike where all family carers sign up to, would the Government listen, but, I do doubt it has this Government has ‘deaf ears’ when it comes to care, especially social care.

    So is there anything we can do to make the Government ‘see the light’ and accept their responsibilities to social care and not leave it to Goodwill, or will they create another badge.


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