Unpaid carers were isolated even before lockdown – now we’re invisible | Society | The Guardian

Around 6.5 million carers in the UK are propping up the NHS by keeping loved ones safe at home. Where is their recognition?

Source: Unpaid carers were isolated even before lockdown – now we’re invisible | Society | The Guardian

One thought on “Unpaid carers were isolated even before lockdown – now we’re invisible | Society | The Guardian

  1. Yes Unpaid carers, who are most likely to be members of the family of the person in need of care, but, in the eyes of the Government they are invisible. This even though they save more than £130 billion, in care costs throughout the UK.

    But, not only this Government, but all previous Governments have treated unpaid carers as though they do not exist, which is even worse than how paid carers are treated, which is bad enough.

    With Social Care, care is not thought of to any extent, by Government and this is shown how, especially this Government are ignoring all carers and in many respects all Social Care.

    Yes, the Government are at last paying money to Local Authorities for Social Care, but is it ‘ring-fenced’, most likely not, so some Local Authorities could be using some are all of it on other resource areas.

    It is, therefore, one of the many reasons why Social Care is in crisis and will be so, until a Government provides the recognition, resources and especially funding that Social Care is in dire need of.

    Not just for care homes, but the full extent of Social Care, which will include, Home Care, Hospices, Supported Living, etc.

    But are the Government really listening and if they are, will they provide the correct and substantial actions that are required.

    I have my doubts and therefore, I created the Petition, Solve the crisis in in Social Care, https://carervoice.wordpress.com/petition-solve-the-crisis-in-social-care/ for more information, please see the Post in my other Blog, Carer Voice, https://carervoice.wordpress.com/2020/05/13/social-care-and-the-crisis-it-is-in/ .

    For, if the crisis is not solved, then were will Social Care be in the future, maybe to not exist.

    So, when you will be in need or a member of your family in need of care, where will the care come from, for if there is no Social Care, or sufficient Social Care, the NHS will need to cover the need, thereby adding to the crisis within the NHS.

    For the NHS is not unlimited as will, if Social Care is not available, the NHS will not be able to cope whether there is a pandemic or not.

    The choice is yours, but Social Care, really does need your support, as does this petition, https://carervoice.wordpress.com/petition-solve-the-crisis-in-social-care/


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