Trump says testing may be ‘frankly overrated’ | TheHill

President Trump on Thursday suggested the practice of widespread coronavirus testing may be “overrated,” even as health experts insist it is critical to safely loosen restrictions and reopen

Source: Trump says testing may be ‘frankly overrated’ | TheHill

One thought on “Trump says testing may be ‘frankly overrated’ | TheHill

  1. Trump is showing great disregard for the Population of America, for his sole thought is his own re-election as President of America. For this to be successful, he believes that the economy of America needs to be good and he can see, that currently, this is not so due to COVID-19 and the lockdown.

    He therefore wishes the lockdown to be suspended so the American economy can recover, hopefully in time for the Presidential election.

    His he concerned that this could cause an increase in the outbreak of COVID-19, it would appear not. Also it would also appear that in many areas of the US COVID-19 cases are continuing to occur and the rate is still increasing.

    Not a time to remove lockdown, but if people get COVID-19 Trump is not concerned provided he get sufficient votes to retain the Presidency. For he does not need to win the popular vote only gain sufficient votes for him to win the Electoral College system, which is weighted in favour of Republicans.

    So, losing some American citizens is of no concern to him, perhaps he believes the only Democrat voters catch COVID-19.

    His he really fit to govern America, the answer is no, in fact he is not fit to govern anything.

    He may also be concerned that when he is no longer President he may be liable for criminal prosecution, which the Presidency could be, currently,shielding him from.


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