Government under fire over care home testing programme : Care Home Professional

Social care leaders have described the government’s COVID-19 testing programme as “chaotic” and “inadequate” and called for 200,000 checks per day.

Source: Government under fire over care home testing programme : Care Home Professional

One thought on “Government under fire over care home testing programme : Care Home Professional

  1. But this is only part of the problems, even though it is a substantial part, for the care profession is much more than Care Homes, for there is Home Care, Supported Living, Hospices, Respite, etc.

    This Government does not have a clue or is it they do not care, for they have done over the last 11 years virtually nothing for the care profession and the care workers. But then neither have many of the previous Governments be they Labour or Conservative, for the Care Profession appear to be the forgotten profession, by not only the Government, but also a large proportion of the Media.

    This has to stop for sooner or later there will not be any care profession to speak of and Family Carers, who are unpaid, are already saving the UK more than £130 billion, will not be able to do more. In fact Family Carers are also under tremendous stress, for they also are not sufficiently recognised by this Government and many Local Authorities.

    This is shown by the Coronavirus Act which was rushed through Parliament earlier this years, in which the Care Act 2014 and some legislation relating to children was suspended in order to remove many of the legal requirements Local Authorities had to family carers and the persons in their families who are in need of care.

    This is our, so called, Caring Government, for Caring, they do not even know the meaning of it.
    For Social Care is in Crisis and has been for many years, but the last 11 years of Tory Governments and COVID-19 could be the final straw.

    Please see and for further information!Aq2MsYduiazgnXvxtLLaA0zEvBa2?e=vsaHcG


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