UK faces national crisis as 6,500 care homes could close : Care Home Professional 

The UK is facing a national crisis with 6,500 care homes totalling 140,000 beds at risk of closure over the next five years, Knight Frank has warned.

Source: UK faces national crisis as 6,500 care homes could close : Care Home Professional

One thought on “UK faces national crisis as 6,500 care homes could close : Care Home Professional 

  1. This is all adding to the crisis within Social Care, which was extreme before, what else has to occur to bring action from this Government and this is only referring to Care Homes.

    What about the other sectors within Social Care, being, hospices, supported living and home care, all of which are in pretty similar circumstances of Care Homes and again the need of these services are forever increasing.

    Family Carers already save the UK over £130 billion and they are not able to do more, so the crisis will get worse in every direction, immediate Government is more than essential.

    Without further delay the Government needs to make substantial funding available to all Local Authorities so that every service provider is able to continue and to continue in a way where good quality care is not only maintained, but is substantially improved. Here CQC need to do what they were created for and not only look at record keeping, but also, actual care delivery, so the CQC will also need a substantial investment.

    The Government has a ‘Duty of Care’, which, currently, they are not abiding by.

    These are all reasons why my petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care’ needs supporting, so please view, sign and then share further information at


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