Coronavirus has negatively impacted practice, social workers say : Community Care

I am a Family Carer and I agree COVID-19 has had serious consequences for social care, especially as more people are in need of care due to increased isolation and many not being able to work due to lockdown.

In Sheffield, where I reside, we have had a form of social workers being isolated since 2017, when the Adult Social Care department was changed from being specialised teams to more generic and most if not all working from home. The department was split into 7 Localities , supposedly based in 3 or maybe 4 locations, but the locations were not large enough to base the Social Workers at the locality base.

If you were lucky to have been allocated a social worker, you may have been given their mobile number for contact, but getting to speak was difficult and responses to message on voicemail was not time effective.

In many instances if you were aware of the Locality contact details, when you did contact the Locality they were unaware of if the social worker was working or not and where they are.

So, although COVID-19 has increased demand, the lack of contact is not much different to normal.

What is more important is the lack of revenue, due to at least 10 years of austerity cuts by the Government, which have decimated the effects of social care.

The crisi in Social Care was bad before COVID-19, but COVid-19 as increase the degree of crisis.

If this Government does not immediately provide sufficient funding for Social Care, then the degree of Social Care available will be virtually non-existent.

The Government needs to ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’ without delay, if not the resultant demands on health care will be devastating to health, irrespective of whether there is a second wave of COVID-19.

Please refer to my petition ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’,

For further information,

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