Social care reform could be further delayed due to coronavirus : Care Home Professional

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock has said social care reform could be further delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Social care reform could be further delayed due to coronavirus : Care Home Professional

One thought on “Social care reform could be further delayed due to coronavirus : Care Home Professional

  1. Many organisations, industries and professions are looking for bailouts to survive due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), but Social Care has been in need of money for Social Care to survive for many years, 22 years according to Professor Martin Green OBE, chief executive of Care England. I feel this is, at least, so, but may be even longer for I have been involved with Social Care for over 40 years and it has always been short of funding.

    The health service, (NHS), during this period has received, according to Professor Martin Greem OBE, who says, ‘Social care and the NHS are interdependent systems and there has been unprecedented investment into the NHS, and this needs to be mirrored by the investment in social care’

    This, again, I agree with.

    Social Care, in many aspects, has been failing for many years, as persons in need of care can confirm. I, as a Family Carer for my adult daughter can certainly confirm.

    In fact, currently and for many years Social Care has been in crisis and only in 2015 a funding package was agreed by the then Prime Minister, David Cameron and Chancellor of the Exchequer,George Osborne, but instead of implementing it was agreed to delay the implementation until April 2020. But, again, April 2020 as come and gone and Yes, this Government was, supposedly concentrating of COVID-19 and they now appear to state, well the Secretary of State, Matt Hancock as stated it could be delayed further due to COVID-19.

    I state, that this should no be so, for with Social Care being in crisis for many years, it and the persons in need of care should not be made to limp along with Social Care being insufficiently funded and it is an extremely urgent requirement that the substantial funding be implemented immediately.

    You may say, can the UK afford it, well can the UK not afford to not implement the urgently required funding. If this was any other area, as we have seen, the funding would be made available, but this Social Care is needed by disabled people and others who are vulnerable and as it as been for years this Government and many previous Governments, appear not to care for disabled people and other wh are vulnerable, as it appears they are classed as expendable.

    This can not be allowed and it should have not been so, many times before for disable people and others so are vulnerable are not expendable and they have as much right to care as any others within the UK.

    It is a National disgrace that the disable and vulnerable are being treated this way, not just in Care Homes, but also with regards to Home Care, Hospices, supported living, etc.

    My petition ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’and the additional information highlights this and the petition, disable people and other vulnerable persons need your support.. So, please sign the petition,

    With further information!Aq2MsYduiazgnjzVUnu4dsyHKk4u?e=0ySCxW

    Thank you


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