Matt Hancock has failed to respond to report warning of social care ‘scandal’

This is just the latest scandal by a Government with regards to Social Care and this has been ongoing for many years with many previous UK Governments.

For Social Care is the forgotten health service where UK Governments are concerned.

Social Care has for many years been left with insufficient funding for well over 40 years, but the last 11 years with austerity cuts and COVID-19 have produced the worst in funding.

A substantial cash investment is required, like, yesterday, if Social Care as any chance of recovering and in doing so provide the most vulnerable within the UK with the social care they desperately need.

I have been aware of this for years and have produced 2 petitions. The first being ‘Pay all paid Carers the Living Wage, which closed last july 2019.

My current petition is, ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’,
Further information,

It is essential that Social Care is supported, for if it is not many vulnerable people will be left without essential social care and this will then have not only disastrous affects on these vulnerable people, but also the already creaking health service (NHS).

Many within the UK are not concerned about Social Care because they, currently have no need for it, but could well do so in thefuture when there may not be social care to speak of.

Most do support the NHS because virtually everybody needs the NHS at sometime, but with virtually no Social Care, then the NHS will have to take on more any maybe the NHS will not be able to do so, so eventually the effect of no social care will affect everyone of us, but by that time it will be too late for the most vulnerable within the UK and their families.

So Matt Hancock get your finger out of where it is and look after Social Care, for you are the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, not just the NHS.

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