Pensioner calls police on girl, 9, after she writes ‘black lives matter’ outside home – Mirror Online

A pensioner called police on a nine-year-old girl after she wrote “Black Lives Matter” in chalk outside her home, it has been reported.

The woman accused little Mira Acklin of vandalising the street where they live in Ohio and called 911 to report her.

Mira’s mum, Jenna Acklin, said she was “proud of her kind heart” and added their neighbour was “nasty”.

She took to Facebook to recount the series of events that happened after Mira wrote the message in the street.

Jenna said their neighbour called police, reporting people yelling and painting in the street.

Source: Pensioner calls police on girl, 9, after she writes ‘black lives matter’ outside home – Mirror Online



One thought on “Pensioner calls police on girl, 9, after she writes ‘black lives matter’ outside home – Mirror Online

  1. We should not relate to the colour of any person as it should not be of any significance, unless we are required to provide information with regards to a legal situation, where a full description is required.

    Discrimination is abhorrent in any form from anyone for we all need to learn to live as one.

    The phrase ‘of colour’ may be seen as more deceptive, as we are all of colour, as white is also a colour. But, everyone should be treated equally, irrespective of colour and any other terms, be they race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc, for we are all the same, it is the Human Race.

    Discrimination of any type should and needs to be illegal.

    Unfortunately our white ancestors created many unsavory situations by invading other countries and assume they were more entitled to be there than the indigenous population. Not only that, they then went on to plunder the resources of those countries for their own wealth and that of their own country of origin and even worse enslave many of the indigenous people.

    Then had the audacity to transport the people they had enslaved to another very distant country to work for nothing as though they were second class citizens and being treated abominably as though they were not even human. This was done by people who considered themselves as being Christians, but they were far from it as these so called Christian people were heathens and not at all fit to worship Christ and his father ‘God’.

    Statues of any of these unsavory people who were engaged in slavery should not be recognised.

    Western history needs to be rewritten so that all persons and events are truly represented and this then needs to be included in the UK education curriculum, so that everyone can be educated correctly.


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