Chris Hayes calls for Trump to resign: ‘Urgent matter of public health, public safety’ : MSNBC

Chris Hayes on why Trump must resign: “If this presidency had creditors, the virus’ resurgence this week would have been a default event. Only it is not his creditors who are suffering. It is us.”

Source: Chris Hayes calls for Trump to resign: ‘Urgent matter of public health, public safety’ : MSNBC

One thought on “Chris Hayes calls for Trump to resign: ‘Urgent matter of public health, public safety’ : MSNBC

  1. Trump has no respect for the American Constitution and wishes to govern America as a dictator.

    In doing so, he shows no respect for Law and Order as the only law and order he feels should be in force is that according to Trump.

    If the Republican Party had a backbone then they would curtail the Trump excesses, which are destroying America.

    America is there for everyone in America not just the stated few.

    Trump has never shown any awareness in respect of COVID-19 and therefore he is a serious threat to the stability of America.

    Discrimination abounds in America, where it appears you have to be White to gain any respect, hence ‘Black Lives Matter’ for there should be equality irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

    Americans need to learn to live together and whites should not assume they are superior to any other people. America is a country of immigrants, with the exception of the Native Americans, who have been persecuted since the White invasion of the 1620s. Colonialism has a lot to answer for.

    This is just not just for America, but any countries which the western countries in the 1600/1700s invaded with a view to colonise and in doing so put down the natives of these countries to some extent to extinction and then proceeded to plunder the resources of those countries for their own ends and for the original western countries of origin. They then went on to enslave some members of those countries and transport them to countries many miles away and show them no freedoms. This was done by, so called, Christians, which makes a mockery of the Christian principles they said they abided by.

    Within the World we are all one race, the HUMAN RACE and everyone of us should respect each other.


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