CQC campaign calls on public to shape future of social care : Care Home Professional

The Care Quality Commission and Healthwatch England have launched a new campaign that calls on the public to help shape the future of health and social care.

Source: CQC campaign calls on public to shape future of social care : Care Home Professional




One thought on “CQC campaign calls on public to shape future of social care : Care Home Professional

  1. I welcome this initiative as last year I was wishing to take some action in Sheffield where I wished to create an organisation whereby family carers would look to monitor care quality deliver within Social Care. and other areas.

    I did make some brief comments to certain organisations in Sheffield all of whom wished to hear more, but with my own health starting to diminish and then COVID-19 this has gone on the back-burner.

    Social Care is just as important as health care and to some more so, but it does not have the same significance to many, especially this current and past Governments, some of the media and certainly some of the UK population.

    It is a case I do not need social care and therefore can not see why others should, whereas, no one knows when there may need social care and when they do it should be good quality.

    CQC do monitor Care Homes and Home Care Providers, but do they even look at its delivery while they are looking at the record keeping. Then who monitors care within a persons own home, you may say the person in receipt of care, but will they have the ability to do so and if they have will they report bad instances, especially when no other care is available.

    There are many and I believe in the majority of good Home Care Providers and also home care workers, but it is the minority who we have to be wary of. It is this minority who gain the publicity when they are found out, not the majority providing good quality care every second of every day.

    I therefore support this initiative and hopefully I can be of assistance wherever possible.

    However, the dreaded word of ‘funding’ which is a main priority also and this needs to be rectified without any further delay.

    Recently Sir Simon Stevens of NHS England mentioned that he wished funding would be rectified within the next 12 months, but has Social Care even got that long, not when the Prime Minister Boris Johnson goes out of his way to say Care Homes did not follow procedures and then a spokesperson saying that he meant no one was following procedures because no one knew what they were.

    That was damming on a number of points

    1, If he did mean everyone, then why did he specifically mention Care Homes instead of saying everyone
    2. If no one know the procedures , then whose fault is that, when the Government, ie Boris was or should be responsible for issuing the procedures
    3. Again this is coming down on Social Care, when there was no reason for doing so, only to create mistrust within the UK population of Social Care. This is one thing this Government and many previous Governments have been successful with, hence the current public opinion of Social Care not being needed, when it is certainly is and should be funded so, for it is needed as much as, if not more so than health care, but the funding falls way short.

    Social Care needs to have improved public standing and the Government can be one of the organisations to put this forward by

    1, paying all care workers a salary more in line with the responsibilities of their role, which I believe should be based on the Real Living wage as opposed to the National Living Wage
    2. working conditions need to be drastically improved, including travel expenses, contracts of employment, staff sick pay schemes, holiday entitlement and many more

    Social Care is of prime importance within the UK and all should recognise this as many do the NHS for it is not a second class employment, it is certainly first class.

    I believe so strongly in Social Care that I created the petition, ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care,

    Further information https://www.dropbox.com/s/mmklwi252zxjrig/Solve%20the%20crisis%20in%20Social%20Care%20%208.docx?dl=0


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