Brexiteers slap down Guy Verhofstadt after Twitter dig ‘Still bitter!’ | Politics | News |

BREXITEERS have slapped down Guy Verhofstadt after he made a dig about Brexit in a Twitter post.

Source: Brexiteers slap down Guy Verhofstadt after Twitter dig ‘Still bitter!’ | Politics | News |

One thought on “Brexiteers slap down Guy Verhofstadt after Twitter dig ‘Still bitter!’ | Politics | News |

  1. Guy Verhofstadt is bitter and twisted.

    Comparing Margaret Thatchers comment was relevant in 1988, but not now. When we joined the EEC and then voted in the Referendum in 1975 we were of the opinion that we were in a Trading organisation, not a political union.

    The political aspect has come since then and there has never been a Mandate for the UK to be in a political union, In fact, former Prime Minister Tony Blair was wrong to go along with this without holding a referendum and exceeded his authority.

    Before the 2016 referendum the former Prime Minister David Cameron went to the EU for concessions for the UK to remain in the UK and came away with nothing, that was the EU chance to put forward proposals to persuade the UK to renain in the EU, but they did not take it. Not saying that David Cameron put up a good stance, for he wished to remain.

    On the bais of the current EU we went for the 2016 referendum and, of course, the result was to leave, granted by a very small margin.

    Since then the EU/UK have had talks to come to plan to minimise the leaving process, but, apparently to no avail, so it is more than likely that on 31 December 2020 we will leave on No Deal terms, which will not be good for anyone, but it is still not too late for the EU to put forward good proposals.

    A mistaken view is that we are not leaving Europe, only the EU and there is still a wish to work well with Europe.

    Guy should put up and shut up, unless he has anything constructive to say, but he feels we own him and the EU something, but we do not for all our time in the EU we have more than paid our way.

    Is he really bitter that the UK is leaving the EU or is he really bitter than the UK will not be contributing in monetary terms, so the remaining member states will have to dig deeper to fund the inefficient EU.


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