Care services must now be nationalised, says John McDonnell : Yahoo! News

Care services must now be nationalised, says John McDonnell. The former shadow chancellor will set out his vision for a post-Covid-19 economy on Wednesday

Source: Care services must now be nationalised, says John McDonnell : Yahoo! News



One thought on “Care services must now be nationalised, says John McDonnell : Yahoo! News

  1. Why is nationalisation thought to be the cure for all services for this is only putting the care services in the hands of the Government for funding and people in need of care will have no choice of who cares for them.

    Currently the care services are mainly funded through Local Authorities who are effectively funded by the Government and to a large extent people can decide who cares for them.

    Over the last 11 years it is the lack of funding being given to Local Authorities by the Government due to austerity measures which is causing the funding crisis to care services.

    So either way the funding is controlled by the Government.

    Lets look at some of our previous nationalised industries.

    The Railways, the UK were pioneers of rail travel and while they were nationalised they were continually starved of finance, which meant when they were privatised major investments were needed in rolling stock, rail stations and tracks and signaling.

    Even the NHS for many years has not had the funding it really requires.

    All that occurs with nationalised industries is hey are in effect political areas, which are funded on a whim of any particular Government in power at the times, but there is no public choice of who uses what.

    Yes, the care industry is in dire need of funding and while the last 11 years have been the most dire, in effect they have been starved of sufficient funding for well over 40-50 years.

    When they were within the control of each local authority a person in need of care had no choice of who came to care for them, be they be good, bad or indifferent.

    While currently people can to some extent choose the service provider or even employ their own carers.

    Unfortunately some local authorities have their own lists of care providers and the authority will allocate to provider who covers the particular area in which the person in need of care resides.

    To a large extent their is a choice of care homes, but if the cost of care is provided by the local authority you can only choose the provider who is prepared to provide care for the amount the local authority is prepared to fund.

    All these providers are or are supposed to be monitored by their respective local authorities and the CQC (Care Quality Commission), even if they were nationalised the monitoring would be the same.

    Also, when people are employed by a local authority have you tried to complain if you are not happy with the service being provided, in many instances you will be told take it or lump it.

    Where you arrange your own care, you complain to the respective care provider and if you are not happy with the outcome, you can move to another provider.

    Nationalisation is not the answer, but sufficient funding is, but will it ever come, well currently there are many promises but no action.

    Also with nationalisation it is ‘one size fits all’, but with care it should be ‘person-centred’, that is care that fits the person and not the person fits the care.and tell McDonnell

    John McDonnell is a dinosaur and technically he should be as extinct as the dinosaurs, for his language and ideas are completely outdated, as the electorate have shown him and comrade Jeremy Corbyn in the last few elections.

    What does need to be done, is to support my petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, and tell McDonnell where he needs to go.

    For further information see,

    So, in reality you need to support this petition, because Social Care needs YOU


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