Coronavirus: Above-inflation pay rise for almost 900,000 public sector workers – BBC News

Doctors, teachers and police officers are among those who will get a salary increase of up to 3.1%.

Source: Coronavirus: Above-inflation pay rise for almost 900,000 public sector workers – BBC News


A welcome pay rise for the selected Public Sector Workers, but it raises many issues.

  1. funded from current budgets, which are not sufficient for other costs and the pay rise

  2. Not all NHS staff are included and all were essential and still are during this pandemic, including Nurses, domestics porters, etc

  3. again no mention of Social Care, which again is the forgotten care service,. Social Care is even more under-funded than the NHS and the care workers are still not being recognised for the work they did before, during and currently. This is more than a disgrace from this Government and just show the true Government feeling towards Social Care and Social Care workers

  4. no mention of the many family carers who care for their relatives for no pay, already saving the UK over £130 billion and increasing, for the Carers Allowance is a joke both with regards to the amount paid and the severe restrictions on eligibility, including no allowance being paid to family carers who have retired from paid work, but still spend most of their time caring for their relatives. Again a complete disgrace and the Government, again, showing their contempt for both Social Care and family carers.

  5. my petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care is more than relevant now,

With more information at

Social Care needs you NOW

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